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We are located in Southern California, designing and producing custom electronic enclosures for OEMs throughout the US.

About NETBased

NETBased‘s expertise is founded on 3+ decades of experience of custom electronic enclosures.  The industries for which we’ve worked run the gamut.  We are heavily versed in the issues that affect design, production and compliance of custom electronic enclosures.

Our roots are in manufacturing of sheet metal, molded plastics, die casting and tooling.  Purchasing agents routinely request cost reductions from their suppliers.  Often times this results in the supplier looking for alternatives to their methods.  More frequently, their only other option is to trim their profit margin to satisfy the PA and hang onto the business.  The supplier becomes less excited about the customer.  Responsiveness and cooperation begins to wane.

In many cases, a worthwhile cost reduction necessitates a redesign of the enclosure or some level of value engineering.  Value engineering is often little more then putting a Band-Aid on what currently exists.  Unfortunately we rarely see a customer willing to redesign from scratch even though it would yield the greatest benefit.

After years of producing product to OEM’s prints we determined it would be beneficial to design the product correctly from the get-go using a shop-floor manufacturability expert.  Our manufacturability experts needed to be more then knowledgeable in the intricacies and nuances of production machinery and processes.  These experts also needed to be well versed in design techniques impacting FCC and safety compliance, materials issues and RoHS, thermal properties and how airflow really flows irrespective of what FEA analysis may show.  Blending these issues of product design and manufacturability eliminates loss of time to market and money associated with future redesign for cost reduction, compliance resertification, reprogramming and retooling.  By being a collaborative product design source, getting through design and into prototyping and compliance homoligation happened more quickly.

For a couple of decades now, we’ve followed our prototypes  through compliance testing and have developed new and innovative techniques to meet emissions and immunity.  By understanding the total product design we can introduce thermal management techniques both at the board level and the enclosure.  We’ve moved all our materials to meet RoHS.  This resulted in shorter time to market without having to retrench with value engineering.  We quickly saw this as a win-win.

We work in partnership with your electronics engineers to achieve balance between board level design and enclosure design resulting in optimal thermal characteristics as well as emissions, immunity and safety compliance.

The bottom line benefit to you is . . . NETBased is where you need to go for experts in custom electronic enclosures to develop your product with lower manufacturing costs, higher repeatable quality and to get you quicker to market.