Custom Electronic Enclosures

If you’re looking  for an electronic enclosure, AND you want a successful product, then you’ve come to the right place!  We are not merely manufacturing experts in sheet metal, plastics and die casting.  We are also experts in product development.  Properly designed, it takes someone knowledgeable in the intricacies of manufacturing machinery and processes, AND emissions and immunity, thermal dissipation, safety compliance, RoHS and production costs.  To get through design and homologation briskly, we recommend collaboration with your PC board designer.  More on that later.  Bringing together exceptional designs that are driven by manufacturing know-how and aforementioned performance requirements are why you should call us!

Your Product’s Electronic Enclosure

We’ve been designing and manufacturing custom electronic enclosures for just about every industry imaginable.

With decades of experience in collaborative product development, enclosure design and manufacturing we anticipate and solve manufacturing and compliance issues at the outset.  This results in cost reductions in development and manufacturing, adds to innovation, product differentiation and ultimately buyer perception.

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Managing Cost Without Sacrifice

Rack mount chassis, hand-held devices, outdoor to desktop units – we’ve done it.  Some enclosures use one process while others utilize multiple materials:

  • Sheet Metal
  • Injection Molded Plastics
  • Die Cast
  • Combination of Materials and Processes

We cover the bases.  Your production may be 50 per year or 5,000.  We can tell you what processes will yield the lowest cost and the best results.  We can show you options whether you have a tooling budget or not.

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But Wait, There’s More . . .

  • Thermal
  • Emissions & Immunity
  • Safety Compliance
  • RoHS
  • Schedule

With 3+ decades of experience, we’ve seen just about everything and solved all kinds of issues multiple ways.  During our first meeting we will discuss product performance, customer perception, market differentiation, design, cost and compliance.  We may also anticipate additional issues specific to your product based on our extensive experience and provide solutions at the get-go.

When it comes to product design, most of our customers have a core competency in board level design and software (among other things).  We’re here to blend our team’s talents with yours.  It makes for an excellent collaboration and partnership.

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